An imprisoned woman finds a partner and companion in a dog .

Teresa, a convicted felon, spent her days in prison just like any other prisoner. Dwelling on dark thoughts as she watches her years pass in front of her eyes. No hope. No friends. No future. Absolutely nothing. However, all of this changed radically, the moment Pax entered her life.

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Pax has led a miserable life. He has faced death and escaped it narrowly. He lived through starvation, abuse, mistreatment and cruelty, until he was rescued by Prison Pet Partnership. It’s an outreach program that partners shelter dogs with inmates at the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor. The program has proven to be very successful and beneficial to all those involved. It truly is an amazing way to prepare both the animals and inmates for recovery, and to put them on the right path of mental and psychological health. Sr. Pauline Quinnn , the founder of Prison Pet Partnership, has shown great dedication and hard work to make this project a successful one.

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During an interview with Teresa, she explains that during the process of training the dogs to be adopted later on, the weaning of the dogs’ misbehavior allows the inmates to reflect on those same behaviors in themselves and relate to it. They see themselves in the dogs, and wish to be able to change their attitudes and behavior. Those are the exact words of Teresa: “When you study dog behavior, lightbulbs start going off in your head about yourself, and about your family, and about everything that applies to everything on this planet.”

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Programs; such as, Prison Pet Partnership have proven effective in aiding rehabilitation and therapy. We truly encourage such programs as they are quite beneficial to our society. It has changed the life of a woman and her perspective. Teresa’s final words were “Once you show a dog, this is what I want from you, they want nothing more than to do that,” Unable to contain her emotions, she adds, “I want to be like that one day. I want to be that.”

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