An invitation to celebrate… World Animals Day


The date is 4thOctober. Today, all the people around the world are celebrating and appreciating the presence of animals in our lives.

Animals, those creatures that are the reason behind giving us an amazing life, whatever their kinds and breeds are, whatever their sizes and shapes are, whatever they are wild or tamed, we will still appreciate them, loving them, fight for their rights, and be their voice. It’s time to celebrate their presence in our lives, and remember what the world would be like if they do not exist, and how much they are making the world way better.


 It's an invitation to celebrate... Animals' World Animals Day 2014.

The first World Animals’ Day was in 1931 by an Italian ecologist, and now it’s celebrated all over the world and powered by the biggest animal’s rights foundation and hundreds of ambassadors, and so many celebrities and society icons all over the world.

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Everyone is invited to celebrate, you can search for the World Animals Day event in your country and join it, or you can volunteer in any shelter to help animals in need, also you can donate for any non-profit animal foundation to help animals in need. If you are a parent, it’s amazing to tell your children more about animals and how it is very important to save them from the cruelty that they face every day, and if you have a pet just go and celebrate with it. The most important thing is to go and show your love for animals even if just with sharing the event with your friends.