An Ostrich plays tag with baby giraffe.

3-28-2015 12-43-16 PM

When you see this video, you will ask why they grouped those creatures together, there is no another space for this ostrich, or what? Or may they know that this baby giraffe needs a playmate. Maybe that the responsible for the zoo wanted this ostrich to play this role, as we see there are funny moments between each other as you can’t judge if the ostrich is playing tag or chasing the baby giraffe. It will be a bad thing for this ostrich that chases the baby giraffe in front of its mother’s eyes, so this ostrich has to be taken care of as it chases the baby in front of the mother’s eyes, of course giraffes are gentle animals, but when it comes to babies, there is no gentle. If the giraffe wanted, it can use its neck to kill the ostrich in just two seconds.

3-28-2015 12-43-44 PM

Fortunately, this mother giraffe knows that both of them are just playing, so the mother didn’t do anything for the ostrich, but upon checking, I found out that the giraffe mother doesn’t take care so much for the giraffe babies, they are only interested in grass, if it is not a grass, they don’t care. Before this video, I wouldn’t have expected that the ostrich would play with the giraffe, it is a hilarious clip made my day, and how those creatures just want to play whatever is going around them. The lady that captured the video is telling her kid that they are playing as the kid seems scared for what he saw.

3-28-2015 12-44-18 PM

It is a unique friendship that I really liked it because it made me laugh till I fell off my chair, the way that the giraffe ran and the insisting way that the ostrich used to chase the baby giraffe is hilarious, it shows the spontaneous of those animals towards each other.