And this is was Susie’s best day after the horrible past she had.

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It’s a very touching and incredible story that brought me to tears. It is the story of Susie and Donna. When Susie was a little puppy, she was abused and beaten by her previous owners. Accidently, they set her on fire and left her to die. When she was rescued, she was in lots of pain and suffering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns on more than 60% of her body. Susie was a fighter, this dog was strong enough, she wanted a new life, she wanted a second chance, and she wanted to live. Susie the dog fought the pain and healed, maybe she was a little scared of people, but gradually she started to trust them again. The story of Donna is very tragic, she was attacked by her neighbor’s dog, and the result of the attack was 50 stitches and a miscarriage.



And here is a new story starting up, between a dog who is scared of humans, and a woman who is scared of dogs. These two stories must be one, that’s why fate brought them together, and surprisingly, the two found comfort in each other.

The Bark & Co knew about the story of both Susie and Donna, it was very touching that they made the best day of their life, you will be surprised by how many gifts they got. It’s a day in their life that changed everything; they received many gifts, $1000 dollar gift, lots of dog’s toys and treats, a bath tub full of balloons and more. The most amazing thing about it was a new law signed by Susie’s paws that judges can now give harsher sentences to convicted animal abusers.

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Watch Susie’s best day in the video below and if you find it touching, share it with your family and friends.