And this is what that cute dog did when his owner asked him to “Smile”.


This video will make you smile, nothing is more perfect than this, it’s a very joyful and funny video to watch and it will make your day. This cute little baby girl is smiling because her mother is capturing a photo for her, and when the owner asked her cute dog to smile, he did it perfectly, he said cheese and showed his teeth, he is looking so cute and funny. I can’t believe that there is a cute dog like him. You won’t stop LOL on this and you will keep watching it again and again. Watch the video below.

There are so many ways dogs can show that they are happy, like wagging their tails, or smiling like this, also jumping up high, or moving and running around in circles, it’s amazing to see your dog dancing around from happiness.

Shetland sheepdog is a very cute dog, it’s one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs, their weight starts from 7 to 9 kg, and their life span is from 12 to 13 years average. Their thick fluffy coat is the hardest to groom, it needs so much care, and you have to brush it daily. They have very loud barks so to not be bothered, you have to train dog at an early age to stop barking at command.

And this is what that cute dog did when his owner asked him to "Smile".

No one can get enough of funny and cute dog videos, so here we are suggesting some videos for you. Watch this cute dog that is afraid from an unexpected thing, each time he sees Julia Roberts on the magazine cover, he runs away, you won’t believe what you will see. Also don’t miss this amazing video of a funny and cute dog that jumps up high when his owner tells him that they will be out for a walk, his reaction is simply adorable. Enjoy watching.