Angry dog lover blames abandoning owner in a passionate Craigslist letter


Every day we hear lots of heartbreaking stories about animals that are treated inhumanely and left to die painful deaths. However, it is always heartwarming to hear that some people are willing to put their own lives and interest on the line in order to save an animal that is in need, no matter how much effort is needed. These people put these poor animals first and let go of their own interest for the poor animals’ sake, and we appreciate their work too much, for they give those hopeless animals a second chance in life.

This is what happened when these two abandoned dogs were luckily found by a dog lover, and they were in horrible condition. The man who found them decided to write an angry letter to their previous owner on Atlanta’s Craigslist, after realizing that the previous owner was not actually looking for the dogs, as he had abandoned them on purpose.

The dogs were not trained at all, and they both shared a collection of bad habits. They were unclean and were not neutered before. And, according to the man who saved them, the dogs were picked up just before they were killed by traffic.

However, despite their bad habits, the two doggies actually have a lovely nature. According to the letter, they got the training and love they needed, and in just a few days were able to break off most of their bad habits and learn basic commands. It sure shows what the power of kindness can do.

We are so glad to know that these dogs are now somewhere safe with people who care for them and are willing to give effort in order to make them better behaved dogs. We hope their owner feels guilty for abandoning them.

Read the passionate letter and share it with family and friends.