Animal Behaviorists Explain Why Dogs Stare At Their Owner When They Poop!

Many dog owners notice that their dogs keep looking at them while defecating. You might not know the true reason behind this behavior or think that they are embarrassed doing their business” in front of you. However, according to animal behaviorists, being embarrassed is not the reason behind this look on your pup’s face!

Some dog owners believe that their dogs want them to look away or give them privacy, but it is much deeper than that, indeed.

The true reason behind this behavior is that they are simply animals, and everything is simply related to their instincts. This look at your pup’s face means it is aware of any possible risk while “doing their business”.
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During defecation, animals are at their most vulnerable time. They have to posture to perform the task, which means that they are not in a proper position to fight back any possible threat. In other words, in this posture, it is difficult for them to defend themselves or escape danger. Therefore, dogs try to keep their instincts effective while they are defenseless.

If you have a dog, then it would think of you as a part of the “pack”. As you are a reliable member of the family, your dog would keep its eyes on you during this time because it depends on you giving them a physical gesture to notify them of any possible threat. Mostly, if you suddenly leap away, your dog will respond, too.
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Likewise, your pup will not defecate while “anyone” is watching. In addition, dogs prefer doing this away from your home turf, as they feel safer not to draw attention. These are all clues of instincts that are dictating your pup’s reaction to its own helplessness during this awkward moment.

Whether your pup slips away or looks at you during “poop time”, it helps to know that dog react according to their own instincts, doing what comes naturally to their minds.

Animal behaviorists recommend you to honor your pup’s wish as long as it is safe to do so, and if it keeps looking at you, try not to startle it. Respect your pup’s natural inclination to stay away, and try modifying your environment to accommodate it as much as possible.

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