Animal Control Officer kills Layla. But watch how more than a thousand of people support her owners for justice…

Few days ago in Bedford, Indianapolis, The City of Bedford Animal Control Center shot Kristin’s puppy Layla with a dart gun. Sadly, the poor pup could not make it due to the severe injuries in her abdomen and vital organs. Kristin’s cousin, Leah Kinder started a petition on Change.org to Bedford Mayor Shawna Girgis for bringing justice back for Layla.

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Image Credit: Change.org / Justice for Layla by Leah Kinder
Image Credit: Change.org / Justice for Layla by Leah Kinder

“My cousin Kristen’s poor puppy, Layla, got loose and was shot with a dart in the abdomen and other vital organs by The City of Bedford Animal Control Center. Needless to say, she didn’t make it to today.” Kinder wrote in her petition on change.org.

According to Kinder, Layla was only trying to run away from the man working for the City of Bedford. It is an instinct of any animal’s nature to run from strange people.

While Kinder does not actually seek punishing the man himself for this unnecessary and unexplainable action, she found that this man has a history with killing animals with the dart gun. However, she just wants to be sure that our precious pets would not be treated with such cruelty again.

Kinder continues to write in her petition, “I feel this shows laziness and using unnecessary force, which is probably a reflection of the pay these officers get. These are supposed to be animal control OFFICERS, so officers should be properly trained with these guns as they are real weapons.”

Image Credit: Change.org / Justice for Layla by Leah Kinder
Image Credit: Change.org / Justice for Layla by Leah Kinder

To any pet owner, it is very crucial to be sure that there are no improperly trained people handling and using weapons in such way with their beloved animals. Each and every animal lover has the right to know how these people are trained on treating animals, and if they are trained on “not killing” in case they have to shoot at a “threatening” animal. Above all, shooting at nonthreatening animals must be totally banned!


“I would like to know the training these people are given, how he would NOT know to not shoot toward the heart, and how shooting at a nonthreatening dog is justifiable,” Kinder wrote. “Bedford needs to ban tranquilizing of innocent dogs, simply hire people that KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING, or only allow these weapons to people who KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING.” she added.


According to Change.org, Kinder now has 1,314 supporters. Still, more and more people join to support this cause, and write compassionate comments on the page of Kinder’s petition. These are some of the top comments:

“What a horrible thing to do!! He should be ashamed of himself! Justice for Layla! , Jonnie Ikerd commented.

“Pets are family members and the killing of a non-threatening dog that belongs to someone else should be a punishable act,” wrote Alecia Woody.

Joseph Thomas wrote that, “I am a member of the Bedford Community and I am now scared for the safety of my dogs if they were to get out of the house. I think there is a lack of education and structure in the animal control department and this situation has become a result of that.”

Image Credit: Change.org / Justice for Layla by Leah Kinder
Image Credit: Change.org / Justice for Layla by Leah Kinder

Accidents like this might hit close to a lot of us, animal lovers. For us, our pets are family members, and killing a pup or a cat of ours, would be just like losing one of our kids.

Kinder hopes to get the attention of as many animal lovers as possible to stop crimes like what happened to her cousin’s puppy. In fact, all animal lovers should stand together until forbidding this kind of acts so that we would never lose any other beloved pet!

Please keep Kristin and Brad in your thoughts and prayers, and for Layla, “rest in peace dear baby.”

Animal lovers and owners, please support Kinder’s petition on Change.org to help bringing justice back for Layla, and all other pets!

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Via Change.org