Another Case of Inhumane Owners Taping a Dog’s Mouth Shut!


Unfortunately, and even with efforts of animal lovers to spread awareness, we still see cases of animal abuse. Every day we hear lots of heartbreaking stories about dogs that are abused and subjected to difficult situations that leave their physical and psychological health at huge risk, and sometimes the abuse cases reach such a level of cruelty, where abusers actually intentionally kill the animals.

Sadly, in many countries, there are no distinct laws against animal abuse, and many animal abusers get to walk away from the horrible deeds they have done.

One of the most horrible cases of abuse that is growing more common than others is dogs having their mouths taped shut. We have seen many cases like this recently, and they are often heartbreaking to witness, and sadly, it has just happened again.


This unlucky dog was found by a passerby in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, and she was in a horrible condition, as her muzzle was taped shut with duct tape for an unknown amount of time, and as a result her mouth was swollen and she was dehydrated.

The dog was dumped away from her home, so until now, no one knows who her owners were. The photos of the dog, who is believed to be a Greyhound cross, are heartbreaking. Upon being discovered, she was immediately taken to an animal rescue center where she had to be completely sedated in order for the vets to be able to remove the tape painlessly.

Thankfully, the dog is doing better now, however, there is no sign of her previous owners, and the authorities are still searching for them.


Hopefully, the owners who committed this awful crime will soon be found and presented with the proper punishment. Until then, we can only hope that we see less cases like this one.

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