Archy the horse having his own way of “passing gas”.

 Archy the horse having his own way of "passing gas".

Archy the horse is very funny, despite the fact that he is making something disgusting, but simply he has his special way in passing gas, no other animal does it like him. He only passes gas when he is rolling around on the sand ground. He did it twice, and each one is on a different side. After the one who recorded this video uploaded it on YouTube, viewers had some negative reviews about it; some of them said that it’s very obvious that the one who recorded it is the one who is making the fart noises, simply it doesn’t seem real, because it seemed very loud. The viewers guessed that there is someone doing these sounds using their hands and mouths, so what do you think about it?

Despite that funny farting, they are wonderful, there are some amazing facts about horses, like the fact of the horse shoe, that metal thing that horses wear to protect the horses’ hoof. The new fact that you have to know is that hooves are made of keratin which is used now for nails and hair. About the horses’ memory, horses are considered that they have a very strong memory, also they are very smart. The Arabian horse is considered the best of all, it’s beautiful and amazing. Horses’ life span is between 25 to 30 years; their speed reaches 48 km/h. and their weight reaches 450 kg. One of the funniest facts about horses is that they can sleep standing and lying down; they sleep normally in both situations. Horses have about 250 bones in their skeleton, and they also have bigger eyes than any other kind of mammals.

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