How many tigers can you spot!



While a cup of a strong coffee is always a very good way to wake up on a sluggish morning, there is nothing better to awaken your brain than solving a challenging quick smart puzzle!

For the previous reason, I like to have the paper right beside me during breakfast to fill the crossword puzzle. There is another good option, which is to try solving a piece of an optical illusion painting to give my visual skills that awakening hit!

However, it is not necessary to solve the puzzle fast, because as long as you thinking and trying to figure out its solution, your mind would reach its potential functioning, which is the best thing that could happen at the beginning of your workday, and that is the actual purpose behind the game.


Moreover, puzzle games are said to be great help to keep mental acuity sharp as we age. So, let us take them for their immediate awesome direct effect as a wake-up call, better than a big cup of strong coffee!

The mysterious jungle tiger-painting below is one of the favorite optical illusion puzzles these days. Scroll down to check it out, and tell us how many tigers you can find!

The painting is of a marvelous scene of a jungle at dusk. It is pretty clear there is a family of four tigers sitting peacfully, but there are more tigers hidden in this scene!

Let us make it a bit easier for you and give you a hint. Most of the tigers are worked into the natural landscape. You just need to look closely to find them all!

If you take a closer look at the imitating shapes in the painting, you will be able to find some of the hidden tigers!

When you think that you have finished counting the camouflaged creatures, click the next image to reveal how many there really are, and see if you could count them all!

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In fact, there is  a total number of 16 tiger hidden throughout the painting: the four main tigers, three under the family, on the rocks, and another nine in the surrounding trees!

Let us know in the comments below how many tigers you found!

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