Athena the paralyzed dog recovers miraculously from wobblers’ syndrome.


It’s amazing to see a dog that is facing all his disabilities and all the vets’ guesses and survive their disabilities. Dogs teach us every day to never give up. It’s amazing to see owners like them, who didn’t give up on their pets and still offer them the same love and care they need. This story is one that will inspire you; you can learn lots of morals from this story. Simply, you will learn not to ever give up. And this is what we will learn from Athena’s story.

A two married couples returned back home after their honeymoon to find their dog Athena not able to walk, which is really shocking for them. They took her immediately to the vet and she was diagnosed by a disorder called wobblers, it was explained that the dog’s four limbs were completely paralyzed, and shockingly, it’s rarely recoverable. But her owner didn’t give up on their paralyzed dog, and they decided to give it a try. The video contains many pictures, showing how Athena the paralyzed dog is eating, or sleeping, and how her owners are helping her in everything she needs; also it shows some pictures from her physical therapy sessions, they tried their best to help their paralyzed dog stand again on her limbs. But sadly, the vet told them that their paralyzed dog’s condition was worse, nothing had changed for about 3 weeks, which means that there is no hope. But Athena is a strong girl, because after 4 months later, she made it, she finally stood on her limbs. The scene of her first walk was adorable; it brought tears to my eyes. Athena taught her owner and taught us that you should never give up on anything. Thankfully, Athena is living a happy normal life now, running and having unlimited fun.