Babies just LOVE their feline friends.

Well, when you have a pet and a kid in the same house, you have to get ready then for the most amazing adventures ever, because simply when your kids stay too much time with pets, they mostly will react like this…

1.”Let me hug you my furry friend!”


2.This gif is adorable! The way they’re cuddling made me speechless.


3.Although cats sometimes seem to be confused between babies and other kittens.


4.They get so confused that they rub their heads with the babies’ heads.


5.But for dogs, they always seem to like babysitting.


6.However, there are a few bad babysitters…


7.But they still know how to always have fun, and play games even adults wouldn’t understand.


8.And at the end of the day, they always know how to brighten your baby’s day.


When a pet and a baby are in the same room, you will feel nothing but joy, cuteness and happiness. Despite all of this happiness they bring to the house, we see that when any couple is about to have a baby, sometimes they give up on their pets, but what they don’t actually know is that there is a special relation between pets and children; especially babies. It’s a very loving, caring, and protective relation. It’s not only between your pet and your baby, having a pet is a simple way to teach your children many things, they will care for animals and appreciate them for the rest of their lives

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