Baby And His Furry Brother Are Caught Having The Most Adorable Struggle Ever!

Watch these two adorable babies in action in the video below!
Although both baby Sam and his big brother Beau have cute little faces, it does not mean they cannot be bad guys, once in a while. These siblings are not blood-related, and they might happily fight and argue for the very last piece of chicken on the table.

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The video below starts out simply, as Sam, the little cute baby, already seems to have an advantage that he is definitely going to use to get the last piece of chicken before his furry best friend can do. However, Beau does not hesitate to jump to reach as far as he can!

It is undeniable that it is marvelous to watch these two little cute friends in a true action. We have always known that babies and animals can have a special bond, but this video simply proves it all without even any doubt. These two adorable friends deal with each other exactly like true brothers, and while they even argue in the video below, this is not a clue they do not spend most of their time together snuggling and loving up on each other.

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Image Source: screenshot / Rumble

At first, little darling, Sam, seems to look forward to getting the last piece of chicken on the table for himself!

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Image Source: screenshot / Rumble

However, Beau does not look like a pup who gives up easily, as he jumps and tries to reach out for that piece of chicken with his little paw.

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Image Source: screenshot / Rumble

As Beau gets his paws few inches away from that piece of treat, Sam manages to grab it all for himself. However, Beau does not allow him picking it up, putting his paws right on little Sam’s arms, preventing him from moving away with that piece of chicken!

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Image Source: screenshot / Rumble

Sam knows that the jig was up, so he lifts up with hand grabbing that yummy treat and offers his brother to eat it. Before even recognizing that this is captured on tape for the entire world to see, Beau eats up that piece of chicken!

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Although Sam did not get the treat, he knew that he won the bigger battle. While Beau slinks away, Sam shows Dad that he is good to his brother, as if his Dad knows otherwise!

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