Baby Elephant goes wild during bath time until momma shouts “That’s Enough!”

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In case you have a bad day, you better watch this amazing video. In Thailand Nature Park, on Wednesday, the one year old baby elephant named Navaan can be clearly seen having what might seem to be too much fun playing in his tiny tub. While getting hosed down by a visitor, the adorable calf clumsily goes in and out of his little bath tub, splashing water. It’s the happiest we’ve seen any animal take a bath. His playfulness almost goes a bit too far too.

Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary in northern Thailand offering the rescued elephants a great life in their natural habitat.

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In this delightful video, Navaan clumsily splashes water around a tiny bath tub. It’s lovely to see Navaan having this much fun. He seems to love taking baths and he knows how to spend his time delightfully. He keeps on tumbling in and out of the bath tub. He starts splashing and then spraying the water around.

For most parents, the challenge of bath time is getting the kids into the tub, but for one mama elephant, the hard part was getting her little one out. Momma finally shows up and puts an end to all the nonsense.

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At least this adorable little baby elephant is having much fun.

We all wish our dogs and cats love bath time like Navaan does. It would be so much funnier and easier, if they just consider bath time as a fun activity; Navaan can, why can’t they?

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