Baby Fox Approaches A Kitty For An Unthinkable And The Most Adorable Reason!

In the streets of the bustling city of Moscow, Russia, a little creature walks with her owner. At first glance, she looks like a tiny puppy with overgrown ears, but she is actually a more exotic creature.

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This adorable ball of fur is Kuzma. She is a bushy-tailed fennec fox, and she is hailing from the North African deserts! Exotic animals have always fascinated Kuzma’s adoptive mother. One day, she came across a photo of a fennec fox, and she decided to adopt this little adorable animal!

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Many people are against keeping a fox as a pet, but with proper training and care, they can enjoy a happily domesticated life. Obviously, Kuzma does not mind her happy life with her loving mom.

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Kuzma, the beautiful fennec fox, has taken the internet by storm recently. This floppy-eared adorable fox already has over 19,000 followers on Instagram! While Kuzma looks like a puppy and barks like a puppy, she is certainly not a puppy. This little cutie is actually a wild fox, and it truly takes a special care for an exotic animal like her.

Kuzma’s owner is familiar with adopting unusual animals. In an earlier time, she had an African hedgehog and a sugar glider. Kuzma is definitely a wild animal, though, she is adapting well to living in the city. She even loves cuddling with the family cat!

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Kuzma’s owner had no idea what would happen when she began filming her little cute pet. She only wanted to share her fox’s funny habits with her friends and family on Instagram, but word spread fast before she even knew it! Within a few months, Kuzma got tens of thousands of views on each of her adorable videos, and thousands of likes!

Kuzma’s fame was not only because of her ears, though. It seems that folks love to see this little adorable fox cuddling with her mom, and, of course, enjoying walks in the streets of Russia. Many people cannot take care of a wild animal like Kuzma, but any animal lover would be happy to see adorable creatures like this enjoy life in comfortable homes.

I just cannot get enough of those oversized ears!

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