Baby girl sits relaxing in a car seat. But watch what this pup does to her!

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When dog owners are in their very first days of the life of their newborn baby, they all need to keep an eye on the “baby-doggie relationship”.  As babies and pups can be just alike sharing all the innocence and sweetness of the world, they mostly get along easy. When the mutual love rises, there are so many priceless moments to live, and to keep in our memories forever!

When a dog and a baby grow up together with the harmony and love, they become constant companions. They share almost all of their daily activities together, the playtime, and the sweet naptime. Besides, it is amazing to depend on the advantage of having those protective eyes kept over the fragile babies.

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Scroll down to watch one of those priceless moments!

In the very first meeting between the baby girl and this Pull Terrier, he begins raining her with his kisses. He over welcomes the sweet little newborn, and already seems unwilling to stop, and that look to the camera at the end! I wish if I could read his mind!

While this adorable little baby sits helplessly in her car seat, the pooch continues kissing her and wags his tail as he is overjoyed! Source: Little Things

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These two cuties seem to be best buds already! Can you feel all the love? Source: Little Things

When this baby girl grows a little older, there will be many emotional moments like this to witness! Source: Little Things

Do not mess a kiss in the video below, and let us know in a comment below if you have ever been close to a pooch like this sweet lover!

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Via Little Things

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