Baily found his forever safe home after this adorable MAKEOVER


Baily is a pretty dog who was alone and scared, lost and in a very bad condition, as are lots of dogs having the same horrible life. He was found by the LA Shelter, a specialized organization for saving animals, and here was the start of the change.

After finding him and bringing him to the shelter, they decided to give a special kind of help to him by giving him a complete makeover. And really, Baily was enjoying it. It started with giving him a haircut, to remove all the unclean, messy and dirty hair, and with an addition of some shampoo to clean up and have a pretty shower, and then she used the drier to dry his hair. And then she cuts the leftovers, he really looks pretty amazing, as if he is shining.


We have to say also that the camera man was very talented to know what he is doing, the views helps us to enjoy the video more. The day after this special makeover, baily found a new home; someone came and adopted him, and gave him his forever home.

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