Barn Cat Who’s Supposed To Stop Mice Leaves Everone Speechless!

In the beautiful seven-acre farm of Snowfall Ranch located in Elizabeth, CO. , lives a cat named Teton. As many farms in this area, there is a bit of mouse problem in the Snowfall Ranch farm, and this was the reason of bringing Teton in.

From a very young age, Teton had used to living with animals much larger than he actually is. Since his first days in the farm, the tabby cat took his mission seriously, and kept animals other than mice in line as well. Impressively, Teton used to playing with goats, ponies, donkeys, and horses.

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Joanna and Scott Shaw, the owners of Snowfall Ranch, were surprised one day that their cat began to behave a bit odd when Teton decided to get a leg up on his other companions in the farm instead of using his own four legs.

Whether the fearless cat wanted to enjoy some free rides, or simply wanted to keep an eye on mice from a better view, his companions did not seem to mind their furry friend on their backs.

Have a look at Teton’s hilarious photos that Joanna and Scott managed to snap while he was surveying his kingdom, and tell us in a comment if you have ever seen a cat behaving like this!

Petsfans 0136 - 1 Image Credit: Joanna Shaw

When Teton was brought in to the farm of Snowfall Ranch, he was expected to do what barn cats do best, wrangle and survey mice. However, it seems like the kitty took the job seriously.

Since he was a little kitten, he was rough-housed with the other farm animals. The large animals were towering over little Teton, so he, probably, came out with a solution for this problem.

Petsfans 0136 - 3 Image Credit: Joanna Shaw

To get a better view, Teton simply hopped up on the backs of his friends, who did not actually mind. When Joanna and Scott Shaw noticed what their cat was doing, they started to take some photos of their cat in some hilarious sights.

Petsfans 0136 - 4

Image Credit: Joanna Shaw

“We do see him on the miniature horses and donkey the most,” Joanna Shaw said when she has been asked about Teton’s favorite animal to use as transportation.

Petsfans 0136 - 6

Image Credit: Joanna Shaw

It looks like Teton fears one thing the most, getting his paws wet. Luckily, he has some large furry friends to turn to for help.

“He tends to ride them more in the snow, ” Joanna Shaw said.

Petsfans 0136 - 5 Image Credit: Joanna Shaw

The hilarious photos of Teton show how he undisputedly rules his kingdom, and his reign will continue as long as he has a companion back to hop on it.

You can visit the website of the Snowfall Ranch farm to learn more about Teton.

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