Big Horse Who Didn’t Trust Humans Before Now Watch His Reaction To A Veteran

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Monty Roberts who grew up with an abusive father, has found peace only in spending time with horses at his father’s riding school. Now, he is using his own experience with horses to help other people who are in a d desperate need for help.

Roberts, is also known as “the horse whisperer”. He uses his experience with horses to connect veterans with them in his farm to help these veterans get rid of their Post-traumatic stress disorder or as Roberts like to call “post-traumatic stress injuries”.

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 “PTSI, not D. There’s no disorder,” he told Washington, D.C.’s, WJLA. “When we make an Army to put them on the battlefield, we wash trust out of them; they can’t trust anything.”

Horses, he says, are built in a similar way: “They do not trust human beings at all, under any circumstances, unless you earn it.”

That’s why Robert’s program main focus is on earning the horse’s trust. Because horses don’t trust human easily. From D.C. native Alicia Watkins shown below, you will find that Robert’s program is so effective and important.

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Watkins who said in earlier time, she attempted committing suicide after her experience in the military and after she finished her service. She emphasizes how much progress she has made after her interaction with horses.

 “In one moment, to wash every horrible memory with one horse following me into a pen and trusting me,” she said while fighting back tears.

Interaction with horses seem to have effective magic on veterans’ disorder and their journey to recovery.

The video below shows everything we mean and watching the video will keep you astonished. Enjoy watching and don’t forget to share with your family and friends!