Bleu Was Abandoned and Lost His Sister, But They Never Gave Up on Him


Every day we hear lots of heartbreaking stories about dogs that are abandoned and as a result subjected to difficult situations that leave their physical and psychological health at huge risk. However, it is always heartwarming to hear that some people are willing to put effort in order to make the lives of these animals better after losing their family, no matter how much time and resources are needed.


When Bleu and his sister Onyx were abandoned by their family at the Los Angeles City Shelter, the two siblings had only each other. Because their family “didn’t have time for them anymore,” the two spent their days at the shelter, mostly outside, and they relied on each other for love and safety. But sadly, that all had to change when Onyx had to be euthanized, leaving her brother Bleu all on his own. Slowly but surely, Bleu started falling into depression, and losing interest in his surroundings.

That’s when people at Susie’s Senior Dogs heard about Bleu and his sad story. Immediately, they worked hard to ensure that Bleu’s life takes a turn for the better. Starting a campaign for Bleu, Susie’s Senior Dogs were able to move Bleu to Love Leo Rescue, where he received better care and had better chances of finding a forever home.


In addition to what he already suffered, Bleu had skin infections and paralysis in one side of his face due to an ear infection left untreated by his previous owners. But luckily, he received the medical help he needed and stayed at a foster home, until finally, Bleu was adopted by a couple, and given two new adorable sibling pups, and he is now living a happy and healthy life.

It’s such a heartwarming story. We are so glad for Susie’s Senior Dogs and everyone who contributed to helping Bleu’s life become better. Share this happy ending with your family and friends!