BLOWING MINDS! The best funny dog videos compilation ever.

funny dog videos


Are you ready to see the funniest, the coolest, and the most hilarious, funny dog videos ever? It’s a nice compilation of cute and funny dogs that will actually make you laugh very loudly. In these funny dog videos, you will start it up with the most incredible dog ever, he is sleeping in a very funny way, I have never seen a dog sleeping in the same way.

The most incredible scene in these funny dog videos is the one in 0:50, yes, what you are seeing is a tiger. While the dog was drinking water, the tiger came from behind him. What happened next was hilarious; I wonder if they are living together? The next scene in these funny dog videos is definitely hilarious! The puppy got ahold of a slice of lime; He begins by playing with it, and actually he had gone crazy after it.  When he finally got a taste of it, he does the funniest movements; I guess dogs can make the same face as we do when we taste a sour lime.  So instead, the dog makes funny movements.  His reactions to the lime are absolutely hilarious.  Even after he tastes it and knows it is sour, he does it again and again.  Too funny! By the way, limes are not good for dogs; it can be dangerous on dogs, even if it’s a little amount. But anyway, the dog just tasted and licked it; I don’t think he will taste it ever again. Also, in these funny dog videos, you will see the dog in 3:59, the treat was shrimps, he wanted to try some but mommy gave the little one first and after it was the big dog turn, he sniffed the shrimps and he totally changed his mind, His owner tried to give him some but he was shaking his head, like he is saying no, this scene made me laugh like crazy.

Don’t forget to watch these funny dog videos before you head to another link, you won’t believe how this dog is jumping, you have to see it in this video, also this adorable video of a Doberman playing with a baby, it’s just stunning. Enjoy watching.

funny dog videos
funny dog videos


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