Blue the dog saved the toddler when she wandered away from home, it’s amazing!

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Lots of parents feel a little worried about their babies when they have dogs at home. For those who are worried, this video is for you, because this video is a proof that dogs are the best companions for your babies, and they might be your baby’s life saver, like the dog in today’s story. This story will leave you shocked, but thankful.

Our hero today is Blue, the one that saved a three-year-old toddler, Victoria, from exposure after Victoria wandered away and got lost from her home, in the wilderness behind her home. The story takes place in Cordes Lakes, Arizona, where Victoria had went away from her home in just a t-shirt, to search for another family dog, one that she thought was lost. But thankfully, Blue, a Queensland Heeler, stayed by her side throughout the time they were out of sight. Blue has been with Victoria since she was first born. The one night that they were lost in, the temperature was below 30 degrees (-1 C).

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As soon as Victoria’s parents noticed that they were both gone, search and rescue teams searched for the toddler and the dog for 15 hours, but on the next morning, a helicopter found Victoria lying face down in a dry creek bed, with Blue the dog by her side.

When the medics first came, Blue prevented them from coming any closer to the toddler, but as soon as he found that Victoria got up and is smiling again, he knew that those people were there to help her, so he relaxed. Victoria’s feet were swollen, her body was covered in scratches and she had frostbite, but other than that, she was alright, and things would have gone a lot worse if it wasn’t for Blue.

The family is very thankful for Blue, Blue kept her warm and was Victoria’s companion, he kept her alive. He’s such a hero, isn’t he the most loyal? This story is a proof that dogs will never harm your baby, it’s the opposite.


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