A Body Armor Developed Specially To Keep Officer Dogs Safe

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Diesel, the heroic police dog, killed in the Saint Denis raids in France was blown up by a female suicide bomber during a gunfight with a suspected ISIS aggressive militant who were behind the Paris bloodshed, recently. After the death of the hero dog, Diesel, a Russian company announced the release of an armored vest specially designed for dogs. These vests were designed by the defense company Scientific Production Association of Special Materials to protect a dog’s torso with additional body armor that can protect the dog’s head and legs. A Russian handler demonstrated the “Nord Body armor” said that the dogs don’t like the vests at first, but adjust to them with positive reinforcement and training. The company designed the canine vest to keep bomb-sniffing police dogs safe.
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Specialized ballistic vests for K-9 dogs and military working dogs have been manufactured for a number of years. Companies like Armor Express in the U.S. and K9 Storm in Canada, specialize in making vests for police dogs and military working dogs. The dog vests aren’t cheap and can run from $1000 to $30,000 a piece depending on their sophistication. Cairo, the military working dog who served alongside the 80 Navy SEALS on their mission to take down Osama bin Laden, wore specialized gear from K9 Storm.
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A number of Non-profit organizations and private companies organized a fund raiser to purchase K-9 vests for police departments around the country to make the burden easier on taxpayers. There are around 30,000 K-9s in the U.S. alone given the continued importance of police dogs in law enforcement, to protect them and keep them safe, this is always a concern to their handlers, who consider them their partners.
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