Bored Teenager Decided To Make Something “FUN” With His Little Puppy

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A Filipino teenager was feeling bored and wanted to make something “FUN” to entertain himself a little bit! He decided to peg his little puppy out on a clothes line, taking pictures of the helpless little puppy and then posting these pictures on his account on Facebook.

The Pleasure-seeking teenager Jerzon Senador from Calamba, Laguna is probably face animal cruelty charging after ridiculously carrying the little puppy  for the sake of having some fun!

That teenager suspended the helpless little puppy from the skin on its back while he was talking so many pictures from different angles!

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A Public Apology was issued by him after he took these pictures down as a result of being showered with angry messages from internet users.

More than 3.000 Facebook users have joined a campaign group made against what he did under the title of “Jerzon Senador the Animal Abuser”, calling for action to be brought against him in court and the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has issued an investigation of this incident.

All animal lovers used Twitter as well to issue the case rapidly!

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A Twitter user wrote ” Hang Jerzon upside down on a clothes line” while another user wrote ” Well I guess you can’t even go outside now because of your abusive act” .

Jerzon begged people for forgiveness after taking these awful pictures down and he said:

“To all animal lovers and to people all over the world please read this;

I would like to ask for forgiveness for the wrong I’ve done against my dog.

I hope you could forgive me and I promise it will never happen again.”


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