Bosco The Beagle Is Finally Home After Spending Two Years On The Streets

5-11-2016 2-00-44 PM

Bosco the beagle mix has been outside to explore the world and he got lost. He went outside the house and gone missing. When his human realized his beloved dog was missing, he started searching for him in every place but unfortunately that was too late because Bosco got so far away from home and couldn’t find a way back home.

Bosco was so terrified and all alone, but as time went on he was able to follow his instincts and survive the harsh living on the streets. He managed to survive for 764 days!

Somehow, Bosco found some local restaurants and he kept on waiting for them to throw the food into the garbage so he can have his daily meals.

5-11-2016 2-01-51 PM

But that kind of living was not Bosco’s type and he didn’t love living that way. Bosco perhaps wanted to sniff some new smells, but he, in fact, didn’t want to be separated from his loving family.

After two years of his missing, he smelled some attractive dog food. He went to smell that beautiful smell but unfortunately, he found himself trapped in a cage!

Thankfully, the humans who set up the trap had thought of Bosco’s best interest. They did some search and they realized who he belonged to.

Bosco’s previous owner had moved away, but that didn’t prevent Bosco from having a FaceTime with his loving human!

Although the reunion hasn’t happened yet for real, but it is amazing to know that after spending two years on the streets, Bosco has finally found his loving family once again!

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