Boy Climbs 18 Feet Up A Tree To Save Kitten, Then Mom Has To Call 911 To Save Both!


Nothing in the world can quite compare to the love between an adorable pet and a young child, especially when the two are growing up together. In this way, they likely have the best chance to grow up a strong bond, and imagining life without being together can seem really heartbreaking and impossible.

So, there’s no wonder that young boy in the video didn’t hesitate to save his tiny kitten when he spotted her stuck in a tree next to his house.

When this 10-year-old boy, Aashir, woke up one morning, he grew worried when couldn’t find his 2-month-old kitten, Alley, anywhere in sight. He looked everywhere for her, then he thought to look out the window, that was when he saw the terrifying scene of his beloved kitten stuck on a tree nearby his house.


Concerned that Alley wouldn’t be able to get down the tree unharmed on her own, Aashir decided to climb the tree branch by branch. Although it was raining, the boy climbed 18 feet, risking that his foot could slip at any moment. However, he claimed later that he wasn’t nervous.

When Aashir could finally reach his kitten, he realized that their way down would be way more dangerous. Luckily for both, Aashir’s mom noticed him in danger and told him to stay put, as she called 911, and all waited until the fire department showed up. Aashir and Alley had to wait for 20 minutes in the tree before they were rescued by firefighters.

Luckily, neither Aashir and Alley were hurt. The boy may have put himself in a truly dangerous situation, but it was only because he loves his kitten so much!

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Via Little Things