Brave Dog Dies After Saving Her Family From An Attack!

Lisa Potts was about to break down in tears while telling this story, she has hardly expressed how heavy is her heart because of what has happened to her dog, Lucy. She tried to comfort the poor dog while she was living her final moments.

“I was comforting her, calling her name, and rubbing her head,” said Potts. “I just had to make sure that she was still alert” she added.

The story began when Potts got back home to find Walter Williams, her ex-boyfriend, inside where they had an argument. “Williams started hitting me, and then he pulled out a knife,” Potts said. “I did not know what to do but calling for my pit bull dog, Lucy, who came immediately and tried to rescue me” she added.

According to Potts, the dog lunged at Williams, and when she did, he caught her from her neck, that is when she started biting him. “Although Williams stabbed her, she kept fighting him,” Potts said.

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Police swarmed the Jones Walker Palm Gardens Apartments in Fort Myers Friday.

Once the Potts got Lucy downstairs, she asked for a towel and tried to save her dog’s life pressing her wound as much as she could. “She was a fighter, and she really did well,” Potts said. “If it was not for Lucy, Williams could have stabbed us all” she added.

Lisa’s son, Lucy’s owner, said: “This is how I raised my dog; she has done what is supposed to be done”.

“I was so much worried while waiting for a call about Lucy’s condition,” Potts said. Sadly, Lucy lost a lot of blood, she went into a cardiac arrest and she could not make it. “It was really hard for me to that in; it really was when I got that bad news, he did not have to kill her, she was just protecting her family” she added.

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