British Shorthair Cat with Mesmerizing Blue Eyes Gets Thousands of Fans on Social Media!

Eyes are not only the window that we see our world through; they are also the mirror of our emotions, and after seeing this cat, I just think now that the first one who said, “Eyes are the window of the soul”, had had properly met with one ancestor of this unbelievable cutie!

Some animal eyes can be extremely amazing, but other than that, Coby has incredibly fascinating eyes. He is a “living proof” of the previous fact! There is no wonder that rare cat has more than 300 thousand fans on Instagram! When you see his photos, you would instantly know the reason of being such famous!

It seems that more and more people are falling in love with Coby’s mesmerizing eyes. When I saw that amazing contrast of his snow-white fur and striking blue eyes, I agreed with all of Coby’s fans immediately, and I became a big fan too! “I cannot get enough looking at him…”

Check out Coby’s photos below and I bet you not to be charmed by this amazingly beautiful British shorthair kitty!


Meet Coby!

Did you ever meet such an amazing member of his breed?

If you hesitate about the right answer, scroll…

Petsfans 0024 - 1

Hi there, I’m Cob y J (Coby The Cat @Facebook)


One of a kind British Shaorthair cat!

This cat has very unusual coloring! British shorthairs are gray and have copper-colored eyes, that is why so many people are charmed by this handsome cutie. Coby is very different, isn’t he?

Petsfans 0024 - 2

People say I’m the most beautiful cat they have ever seen J (Coby The Cat @Facebook)


He captured hearts of thousands!

This little celebrity has been on the social media only eight months ago, but his charming personality attracted over a 300 thousand fans on Instagram, and over 4200 fans on Facebook!

If you are not yet a fan, have a look at this photo…

Petsfans 0024 - 3

And I was thinking… (Coby The Cat @Facebook)


What an outfit!

I knew from the first look why so much people around the world have been charmed by Coby from the first sight, just like I did!

Petsfans 0024 - 6

Have you ever seen a more handsome pirate than me? (Coby The Cat @Facebook)



He would not stop playing!

I would love to play hide and seek with you cutie!

Petsfans 0024 - 4

Smart… (Coby The Cat @Facebook)


He is just too handsome!

Coby’s profile reads: “I know that I have fascinating blue eyes, but I have a fascinating personality too. Besides tuna, I love playing with my ducky, and I can’t stop stealing covers!”

Petsfans 0024 - 7

Fashionista too…  (Coby The Cat @Facebook)


Beautiful even when trying not to be!

I know I’m a supermodel, but I can also look goofy for the camera! I would be handsome in every pose J

Petsfans 0024 - 5

Not this one… (Coby The Cat @Facebook)

Now, thousands of fans around the world are just waiting for Coby’s next amazing photos. I would love to get updates about him as well as I knew why people could not resist watching this friendly beauty. Besides, that personality, you can do nothing but to love him.

Let us know in comments below if you’ve ever seen a cat like Coby.

You can also follow Coby on Instagram or Facebook.

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Via Daily Mail