Buck Struggles To Get Out Of The Frozen River And The Rescuers Will Melt Your Heart

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One buck is now counting on its luck after being saved from a certain death, drowning and freezing in the frozen water of the Big Thompson River. The whole story happened on Wednesday when the incautious huge deer fell in the icy Big Thompson River.

It kept on trying and failing to get a foothold on the ice which seemed impossible! It kept on trying over and over to escape the frozen water.  It tried to pull its body out of the freezing water in vain, its hooves kept on slipping then it was unable to get any help and it couldn’t depend on its own assistance.

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Surprisingly, two kind hearted police officers showed up with their magical assistance. They made a lasso and managed to get the buck out of the freezing water and then release it free. The whole story happened at the sight of a local resident, DJ Walsh, who uploaded a video of the buck’s rescue on Youtube with post reading: “We see this buck and his family around our home often, Shortly before the incident, on our morning dog walk, we saw this buck going into the Knoll-Willows area.”

The video shows the whole story, starting from the buck’s desperate attempts to get out of the freezing water, to the Estes Park police officers arriving, cutting its struggle off, saving it from drowning, getting it out of the freezing water and then setting it free.

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Thankfully, these two kind hearted police officers appeared and saved its life. Maybe it is the blessing of the Christmas! We are grateful for them and we appreciate what they have done!

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