Bulldog is inconsolably miserable and morose and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

This bulldog is sad beyond any consolation. The misery and grief in his eyes cannot be described. As you can see in the video, the poor old fella is almost crying. You can see him sniffing in a heart-breaking way. And why is all that? What is the source of all this misery?

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Well, believe it or not, his cruel, cold hearted and brutal owners have decided to torture this poor fella in the most unspeakable and despicable way. They were just about to give him a..a.. a bath!

The video is just so hilarious; I won’t be surprised if you started rolling in the floor laughing. That bulldog named Eisley Quinn seems to hate baths so much, which is strange as dogs usually love playing in the water and having fun. But looks like Mr. Eisley Quinn has other opinions concerning baths.

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Eisley Quinn reacts to have a bath in a hilariously exaggerated way. The look in his eyes would have been unbearably heart-wrenching, if you didn’t know the true reason behind it. One would have thought his owners must be torturing him or starving him or something. Never would I have guessed that all this misery is about having a bath!

Poor old Eisley Quinn! He must really despise baths in order to look like that. Unfortunately, baths are necessary for his health and hygiene. So let’s hope that his owners make it quick. As you can see, dogs could lighten up one’s day without doing anything at all. They are just funny creatures and they spread laughter and joy wherever they go!


Let’s just hope that Eisley Quinn would get over his bath issues soon !

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