Caitlyn The Dog Is Finally Making A Full Recovery; She Is Now Healthier and Happier.


It’s the dog that everyone was talking about. Remember Caitlyn the dog, who experienced a horrible abuse case by a horrible monster?Caitlyn, a 15-month-old chocolate staffie mix was found in North Charleston, South Carolina. Caitlyn was and still is a beautiful dog, but her abuser couldn’t see that. Caitlyn was found with an electrical tape wrapped so tightly around her mouth, her muzzle, it was so tight that her mouth was caught between her teeth. The tight tape also caused a few wounds on her flesh.


Weeks later, Caitlyn was out for surgery, to reconstruct her damaged lips, and tongue, and thankfully it was a successful surgery. The doctor said that before the surgery, they were about to decide to remove her tongue out, because it was found stuck between her teeth during the whole 48 hours that her mouth was wrapped, but thankfully after the success of the surgery, doctors became very optimistic about Caitlyn’s case, they said that she may not need that surgery to remove her tongue.

After the surgery and after lots of treatments, the happy news arehere, Caitlyn finally is living with her foster family, waiting to find a family to adopt her, and thankfully she is doing so well and fully recovered. It was a battle of survival, and Caitlyn deserves to live happily with someone who can appreciate her. Lots of people and animal lovers decided to help her with paying for her treatments, remember her first photos when she was even unable to sallow? Look at her now, she is extremely gorgeous.Caitlyn is so happy now with her family, and she is having the life that she deserves with a family that loves her deeply.


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