When they came back to the car, they found this note! CAT IN CAR HOOD!


It all started when a group of friends were out for some fun, and when the time came to go back home, they reached their car, finding the weirdest thing ever happening!

The group of friends found a paper on the car, it was an unusual note, and someone wrote to them that there is a cat in the hood of their car.

The friends felt like it’s a joke, how can it be for a cat to stay in the car’s hood? The friends decided to check it out anyway, and they surprisingly found a cat in the car hood.

It seems that all what the cat wants is to sleep in a safe place; thankfully the cat was in a good condition, feeling safe and warm.


Sometimes cats take cars as their permanent home, to save themselves from the cold weather. Cars are always warm, in the car hood and also beside the wheels. And shockingly, not every one notices it, not every one receives a note on his car, so people go on with their cars and leave a killed cat behind! So it’s better that you check on your car before driving, especially in cold weather days, to make sure that there are no cats hiding inside the car.


It happened once with some friends who were driving their car but suddenly they heard a weird sound, it’s just weird to be heard in a car, it was meowing!! It was unbelievably shocking, and what shocks me even more is that they discovered a cute little kitten trapped in the vehicle’s spring, can you imagine that? How did she enter that vehicle? You will be totally surprised watching how they rescued the kitten in this video

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