Cat Shocks Rescuers To Be Stuck In The Weirdest Place Ever!

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On Tuesday, Steve Morrall, an investigator with Royal Society for The Protection of Animal (RSPCA), responded to the call of a trapped cat who was stuck in one of the weirdest places. Her little head was stuck in the bottom of a garbage bin.

The 5 month old homeless cat, in England, was given a second life chance this week, thankfully. The little cat was in the weirdest image ever, a body of a garbage bin and with a head of a cat!

“When I arrived, I saw the head of the kitten poking out from this bin,” said Morrall. “It was so unusual and I have never seen anything like it before.” Morrall says he thinks the kitten was looking for food in the trash and “panicked when the bin was being emptied,” getting her head stuck in a small drainage hole.

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Realizing that he couldn’t set the cat free on his own, Morrall made up his mind to call firefighters to some assistance. With a little help, they were able to push the little cat’s head back inside the garbage bin with the usage of some quick thinking, a funnel and a generous helping hands who showed up right away to lend assistance.

“It was a very delicate operation and we knew we had to be extra careful as it could have gone seriously wrong,” said Morrall. “We do not know how long the kitten was there for and she was understandably distressed.”

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Thankfully, the little cat has overcome the whole suffering with no injuries. Then, she was put for adoption and now she has been named: Dusty!

She is happy, healthy and safe now! To help animals like Dusty, visit the RSPCA’s website and don’t forget to share with your family and friends! Welcome back, Dusty!