Cats are loyal like dogs!

 Cats are loyal like dogs!

Cats can indeed be very loyal creatures, however whether or not they are faithful or loyal to their owners does also depend on the cat’s personality, living situation, and the bond that they have with their pet owner, but for the most part cats are known to form strong attachments with their owners. There are even some cases where a cat’s pet owner had to leave, or passed away and the cats showed signs of distress as a result. Cats have even been known to go into hiding, refuse to eat, etc. Some perfectly healthy cats have had such strong attachments to their owners that they basically died of a broken heart after the loss of their owner.

A lot of people have the thought that cats aren’t loyal. The loyalty of dogs is both immense and impervious to how the dog is treated. This is the nature of the dog. Whether this is viewed as a bug or a feature depends on the person. Because it’s true; cats don’t do that. How a cat treats us is directly dependent on how we treat the cat. Which is also either a bug; or a feature?

Getting loyalty from a cat requires giving it first.

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We keep the routines running; we show an interest in them, we give affection. The cat will come to prefer spending time with us. They will seek us out to give us attention. They will hang out nearby because they want to look at us.

They can follow us from room to room, if we spend enough time there for them to feel comfortable settling in. If we give the cat a chance to spend time with us when we will be still, this encourages them to be nearby, and even sleep on some part of us.

Herein we see how this cat “Oz” has saved his owner’s life called Damon, who lives with him and his girlfriend, while she was sleeping in another room; Damon has been fallen on the floor after his blood sugar has been spiked. That’s when Oz sprung into action. The little kitten has went to wake up Damon’s girlfriend and never let her till she got up, when the girl friend has went where Damon fallen, she saw him unconscious on the floor, immediately she called 911 and the help was on the within seconds. Damon has survived thanks to the little kitten for the third time.

“This cat has saved my life three times,” he says. “Without him, I wouldn’t be alive.” This is a further proof that inside every cat a loyal guy, just they need nice treatment, remember this story, every time when your friend tells you that kittens aren’t loyal for their owners. If you want to see another kitten and what she did for her owner, please visit: