Cats Can Show Their Love By 10 Incredible Ways!

Although cats cannot speak, they are trying to find some communication ways most of the time.

Your kitty may “meow” when hungry, paw at your legs when needs attention; she finds her way to let you know what she might be exactly thinking.

Even though we cannot read our kitties mind, we know that they always find and show their love to us through many ways.

By reading through this list of behaviors, you will know about some incredible ways of your cat showing love to you and, generally, how our cats attempt to communicate with us.

I already knew a few of these behaviors, but I had no idea about most of them. Surprisingly, I was shocked by just finding out how often my kitty tries to tell that she loves me so much!

Let us know in comments below; which of these behaviors your cats use to show you that they love you as much as you love them.

1. Kneading Your Legs

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One main way of cats to show love is kneading. When your kitty pushes their paws in and out against a soft surface; it is their way to say “I love you”.

While petting your kitty, she may curl up and knead your lap; this is cats’ more often used way returning you the affection and telling they love you too. It is recommended to ease them the painful part of that kneading by placing a soft, thick barrier between the cat and your lap.

2. Bringing You a Gift

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Some cat owners are familiar with their kitties bringing them presents, such as one of their toys, or dead small animal, although this behavior seems odd, it deserves praise. This behavior is one of their ways to show love.

Mighty hunter kitties that able to catch everything from toys to mice, bugs, or frogs, often like to share their bounty with those they love. Cats give gifts as an expression of love. If they do not love you, they would not give you those special gifts.

3. Head-Butting

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Head butting may look like another odd behavior, but for cats, it actually means that they truly care about you.

Cats have scenting glands in certain parts of their bodies, including their heads and cheeks. One unique way of cats to show love is their marking those they care for with their scents. This explains why you kitty may rub her face or head against you; she is marking you as part of the family, this scent on you is a source of familiarity and comfort for her.

4. Staring You with a Blink

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Another way that your cat may use to show you great warmness is she stares at you while slowly blinking. This way is easier for humans to recognize and understand.

For your kitty, it is an equivalent of a loving kiss when staring into your eyes and blinks, open eyes wide, then slowly blinks again. This behavior is known as an extreme sign of tenderness, it is like that, your kitty is telling you this “I love you, and I trust you.”

5. Showing Their Belly

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As most of animals, cats do not show their fuzzy bellies to just anyone. One way of your cat to say “I love you” is when she flashes her stomach; it is a distinctive indication that your kitty feels comfortable around you. Cats’ rolling up defenseless on their backs means they feel loved, safe, and protected.

6. Curving their Tail Tip

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Incredibly, the tail can be a meter indicating how your kitty feels about you.

Behaviorists call the tail that curves slightly at the top, the happy tail dance. Kitties might show warm and happiness feelings by subtly quivering their tails while fluffing out the base of them. When they are happy, they simultaneously hold up their tails while slightly curved at the top.

7. Nipping You

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Getting your finger gently nipped is nipping is another way your cat is showing you love. So, do not be mad at this.

Cats’ skin is tougher than ours is, they affectionately nip each other as an interaction of love. Although kitties do not understand that those love bites can be not pleasing for you sometimes, but, for them, it is still one of their ways to show love.

8. Rubbing Your Legs

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Sometimes, your cat seems not able to get enough of your legs; those are moments of true love. Allowing your cat to rub against you is crucial for your relationship strengthening your bond.

9. Purring

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You must have heard your kitty purr before, but may not know that those are love purrs. In case of you have any doubt; your cat’s purring in your presence is an expression of love for you.

Cat purrs range from subtly soft to loud truck, and can be a sign of a variety of expressions from delight to concern. Often, kitties love with purrs.

10. Following You Around

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Sometimes, your cat seems that they cannot get enough of being with you. When your kitty follows you everywhere, you know you have the connection of love.

If your feline friend keeps following you continuously from room to room, jumps onto counters and tables just to be near you, and seems to be right where you step, it is obvious that she clearly enjoys being around you.

Keeping an eye for these common behaviors of cats is a good way to surely know if your kitty truly loves you.

Did you find out what is most often way your cat use to show you love? Tell us in a comment below.

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