CATS HATE CHRISTMAS!! A funny cat videos compilation.

A funny cat videos

Everyone is waiting for Christmas, who does not fall in love with Christmas trees? Who can’t enjoy the decorating the Christmas tree? Who can’t be the happiest person on the world for getting a Christmas gift? Who is not waiting for Santa? Everyone loves Christmas, except CATS!!

Actually, these funny cat videos prove that cats hate Christmas, and their reactions are completely funny. You can see in these funny cat videos, cats are ruining the Christmas tree; they grab it down and tear it apart. You will see how the ornaments are falling down, and sometimes they will stop you from opening your Christmas gift or even ruin it or cutting out its wrapping papers, or even bringing Christmas decorations down on the floor. Some cats in these funny cat videos are blowing the candles down. In 1:01, you will meet the funniest cat ever who had an owner that is ringing the bell in her collar, and it’s bothering her too much, and some of the cats decided to ruin Santa, even his cap. And the worst thing for cats is to wear those Christmas costumes, they look insane. No matter how much cats tried to ruin a Christmas thing, they will still be our best pets. The thing I like more in these amazing funny cat videos is the song; it really matches the video situation.

To have an unforgettable Christmas with your cat, first decorate your tree with cat-friendly decorations which is not breakable; also bring a Christmas gift to your cat, a new bed, or a new toy or even fancy food, or a scratch board. At Christmas Eve, prepare your cat an amazing treat that is not ordinary or one that she is not used to in her daily life. Try to play and have most of the time together, all this stuff will make Christmas unforgettable for your cat.

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funny cat videos
funny cat videos