Cats stealing dogs’ beds | Funny video

funny video

Awe!  This is such a cute video compilation of cats stealing dogs’ beds!  This video starts by showing the dogs’ reactions to the cat sleeping in their beds.  Then it moves to the dogs trying to get the cats out of their beds.  The final segment is how the dogs and cats seem to have come to a compromise.  Some leave the beds while others share it.  This is an adorable video. It starts when you see a cute cat was sleeping in the dog’s bed and he was like “oh god, I want to sleep, this cat stole my bed”.


In 0:30 was one of the best scenes in this compilation, when you see that after the dog saw that the cat is sleeping on his bed, he went to try her bed. Some of the cats feel like they are the boss of the house, so if the dog tries to sleep in his bed, they pull him away, you can see that at 0:36. Dogs in some situations try to wake up the cat to sleep in even with barking, but the cat is falling asleep and they don’t want to get up. One of the best scenes was in 1:17, when the dog had a blanket to cover the cat with it to protect it from cold. Some other dogs can’t leave their own rights so they pulled the cats out of their beds, in the last few scenes you can see some of the dogs are very gentle, they slept beside cats in the same bed, and that is the best friendship ever.  Enjoy watching the video to see the cats stealing the dogs’ beds.