Cecil’s cubs live with their father’s spirit, they face the night bravely together.


Cecil was a brave lion, a pride leader who lived in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. He had several lionesses and young cubs. However, two hunters lured Cecil out of the safety of his park. And with cold hearts, the cruelly shot the brave lion. Cecil escaped the two killers and wandered away injured and bleeding for two whole days. Until the heartless killers hunted him down and found him. The beheaded the poor thing and skinned him.


After those sick, despicable acts of animal cruelty, Cecil’s pride was left without a leader and his cubs without a father. Some photos were captured at night of his orphaned cubs. They peered at the camera with an expression of distrust.

Other photos show the poor cubs curled together with their heads on each other’s bodies, getting ready for sleep.


They fall asleep innocently, yet with the fear and misery clouding their minds, and disturbing their dreams.

Another photo shows one of Cecil’s lioness fast asleep, hidden behind the tall grass, surely hoping for a better fate than her late husband’s.

People all around the world have been following the pride’s fate ever since Cecil’s death. Everyone was full of fears that the new pride leader who would take over the pride’s leadership would kill the cubs. This is a common practice during the lion’s power shifts. However, fortunately, Cecil’s co-leader Jericho seems to have more mercy than the killers of Cecil and has kept the young cubs safe and sound.


Acts of animal cruelty make people lose faith in humanity. Those despicable acts of violence and brutality against our fellow partners in creation are simply unspeakable. The only consolation in such incident is that Cecil’s spirit will live in his cubs.

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