Chained dog who suffered the freezing weather, is finally rescued

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I cannot begin to imagine how cruel humans think when they commit such cruel actions, especially towards poor helpless dogs! It is heartbreaking to learn about the sufferance that some of these adorable creatures have to go through. Diesel is just an amazing dog who needed nothing but to feel warm and loved. Instead, he had to suffer alone in the freezing weather for four years!

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Diesel suffered this extreme cold weather for four years! (Source: Animal Advocates)

For four whole winters, Diesel had been chained in temperatures that can drop to -40 degrees! He had to fend for himself by any means.  The dog was too big to fit in the shelter provided for him, therefore stayed outside during the whole year.  He was never cleaned up, or fed properly!

He could not even keep his paws on the ground (Source: Animal Advocates)

When Animal Advocates stepped in to rescue Diesel, he was in a terrible condition. He was terribly matted, stank awfully, his jaw was broken and lost many teeth after being kicked by a horse!

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It was a real miracle that he is alive! He is very lucky being saved by the Animal Advocates rescuers.

Diesel was injured, and almost frozen when they found him! (Source: Animal Advocates)

Just watch in the amazing video below how his life totally changed forever!

All the bills of Diesel’s vet, transport, and training are paid by Animals Advocates, you can donate to them here.

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Via Animal Advocates