Check What Happens To Dogs Left Outside In The Cold


It’s winter! This definitely means wearing scarves, gloves, heavy coats, sweaters, and jackets.  It also means snuggling up and drinking hot chocolate to warm our bodies.

But what about our beloved dogs? How do they feel? How do they fight the cold? These are questions that we for sure must ask ourselves during these cold times.  Dogs may suffer from the cold and it can bite their bones.  I strongly think it’s not a good idea to take your dog out during the snow season.  I know we all love the snow and enjoy playing in it.  We are dressed for the occasion but dogs aren’t.


“You’re a good indicator of their tolerance for cold,” Dr. Barry Kellogg, a veterinarian from the Humane Society of the United States, told The Dodo. “You’re less tolerant of cold than dogs and cats are. So if you’re getting cold and you’re out there, then that’s the time to abandon the adventure.”

So why put yourself, your children and your beloved dog into that danger which could lead all of you_ in some certain cases_ to death! Although dogs have a few different natural features that give them advantages over us, cold weather may lead them to a certain death.


Long nosed breeds, German Shepherd for example, are able to warm the air as they breath it in through their long noses.  Other breeds don’t have this luxury, cold air flows down, reaches the lungs making them feel the coldness.  This process can lead to worse scenarios, just like what happened to a dog frozen into the ground in Saskatchewan and had to get prosthetic paws “Physiologically what happens is when it’s very cold, the body stops the circulation to the extremities,” Kellogg explains. “The body no longer sends blood down to the feet to be brought back and mixed with the general circulation.”


Indoor is where your dog should be in the winter, especially during snowy days.  Share this with your friends to make them pay more attention to their beloved dogs!