Chimp Had Enough Of Zoo Life So He Decided To Breaks Out

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This chimp simply had enough of zoo life.

Last week, a 24-year-old chimpanzee from the Yagiyama Zoological park in Sendai, Japan, made up his mind to discover the life behind the zoo walls. So, the old chimpanzee ran away from the zoo to discover the real life, I believe!

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Nobody knows how he did it exactly, but somehow he did it!

After running away, Cha Cha, the old chimpanzee, escaped from authorities by climbing an electrical wire high above the ground. People used a boom lift to get to him, Cha Cha used only his hands, feet, and his determined will to reach the pole.

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After an hour at that scene, officials had to dart Cha Cha with a sedative!

Cha Cha wasn’t happy about that, he was sad and nervous, as video from RT shows. He attacked the humans and pulled the dart out of his arm.

He obviously didn’t want to be disturbed!

In spite of the sedative beginning to spread through his body, he continued his climb with remarkable athleticism.


At the end, the drug affected but Cha Cha resisted!

He caught that last wire and wouldn’t let go.

But he eventually fell into a net held by officials.

For Cha Cha, it was almost like an unusual day when he decided to break the monotony of his life at the zoo. He felt he needed some adventure and he had it.

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Zoo officials still don’t have  a clue how Cha Cha managed to run away. Watch the video to see the full story!

Personally, I believe Cha Cha will make this adventure again till he manages to escape away from the zoo.

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