Chimp Who Spent 18 Years All Alone Meets A Friend. Watch Their Reaction

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Terry and Jeannie are two chimpanzees that have recently met for the first time. But right away they felt a strong bond between them and they became best friends.

Jeannie was rescued from a medical laboratory and Terry was rescued from a small zoo where he spent most of his life, about 18 years all alone!

Save the Chimps uploaded this video where the two chimpanzees held on each other and both refuse to let go.

“Terry recently met Jeannie and they didn’t want to let go of each other’s hand,” explained Save The Chimps.

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The two chimps are now under the supervision and care of Save the Chimps which is a non-profitable organization that provides sanctuary for rescued chimps from research laboratories, pet trade or the industry of entertainment.

Save the Chimps exerts great efforts and does amazing rescue work, rescuing many, many chimpanzees who lived cruel circumstances. Both Jeannie and Terry are recently brought to the organization and they are looking after  a much better life away from laboratory experiments or captivity. They deserve that kind of life!

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Chimpanzees are very smart and social animals.  They can show their love and affection in certain situations. In the following story, researchers recorded a chimpanzee mother caring for her disabled child in the wild.

Now a new study published in Primates proves, in details, the social and behavioral development of a wild chimpanzee, who thought to be born with “symptoms resembling Down syndrome” over two years of her survival.

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