Chip bags are causing suffocation for dogs, it’s real and it’s dangerous! MUST READ!


Chip bags are common in every house, but do you know that they can be the cause of your pet? It’s one hundred percent true, any chip bag that contained Dorritos, chips, Cheetos, Pretzels, and every salty snack causes suffocating to the dogs. Dogs died, they suffocated, after putting and sticking their faces in the empty chip bags.

The mylar-type bags create a vacuum-like seal around the dog/puppy’s neck, and it keeps on tightening as he/she tries to breathe. This type of pet suffocation is real and very dangerous, yet still, many dogs die because simply, their owners don’t know how dangerous it is for a dog to stick his/her face in the empty chip bag. The results are simply a tragic.


One user shared the horrible experience, saying that her dog suffocated after sticking her face in a thick, foily type, empty bag of chips. She says that she and her boyfriend were out to walk a family member’s dog out for a walk before they go to bed. They drove for five minutes away, and they didn’t even take 20 minutes to go back, but when they did go back, her mother told her that the dog is dead. The woman’s brother was only a few rooms away, but he had not heard a thing, and they tried to help the dog, but it was no use. So PLEASE, when you finish a chip bag, throw it out, don’t say you will do so later, because it can cost your dog’s life. Even if it’s a dog’s food bag, or cereal box, just throw them out. She also added that her dog died because she carelessly left a chip bag, and she suffocated from it. If she had been more aware of the danger it causes, she could have saved her dog’s life.

You can also cut the bags straight down to the sides, so that the plastic or whatever material is flat, and can’t wrap around your pet or even child, and doesn’t suffocate.

Just as you would childproof your home and never actually leave any plastic bags around babies or toddlers, you need to apply the same rules if you have a puppy or a dog. Chip bags are not the only danger. Cereal bags, dog food bags, snack bags, any kind of bag that contains a food item that potentially be a hazard.

Prevent Pet Suffocation is trying to raise awareness of this issue, which I notice that it is not as viral as it should be. Many dog owners are sharing their tragic stories, and you definitely need to read a few of them to realize how real and dangerous it is.

One story that a family shared on Facebook, also Prevent Pet Suffocation shared, they did not leave the bag around the house, but it accidently got loose from the garbage bin.

The family, Trueller, is absolutely heartbroken after their loss, their dear puppy Jarvis, after he suffocated from a Cheetos bag on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. Their beautiful Labrador dog was found dead at the age of 11 weeks, next to their 14 year old son. Jarvis the dog suffocated from stuffing his head in the Cheetos bag, and he was not able to remove the bag off his face. The family was not aware of the possibility of that happening, and they were, and still are, crushed. The owner searched the internet to see how common it was, and she was shocked. She says that she wishes she had checked up on him a bit sooner. When they found him, the dog’s body was still warm, and they tried CPR but he was already passed out. The loss is devastating, and they are sharing the story to prevent this from happening anymore.


Now that you have seen how dangerous it is, we must cut the bags up from the sides, before throwing them away, because that’s how you could end up saving a dog’s life, maybe your neighborhood’s dog, your own dog, or just a stray dog.

Let’s help preventing the suffocation of pets by spreading the word, you must share the knowledge with everyone you know, this needs to get viral! You can also check the Prevent Pet Suffocation page on Facebook here, also see their website here.