When it comes to belly rubbing time, this puppy does this!

3-8-2015 1-52-13 PM

We know that all dogs love belly rubs, yes they do! But this puppy is adorably special. The way that this puppy reacted to belly rubs are adorable. When the owner started to do this to his puppy, the puppy did the cutest thing, the puppy was wagging his tiny little tail and he also raised his back paws. He was enjoying it; well, we know that all puppies love belly rubs. What I liked most about this video is the last part, when all the puppies came around to take belly rubs. Aww, they are very cute.

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Dogs like to be rubbed like this, it’s a common thing between all dogs, dogs like to be rubbed on their belly for behavioral and neurological reasons, it’s kind of showing how your dog trusts you, and how they appreciate his relation with you. It’s a totally satisfying experience for your pet. And it’s a very special way to show how much you love your dog.

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Raising a puppy is the sweetest thing ever, you are very lucky, you are about to see how they are exploring life and experiencing everything in it, so If you got a new puppy or even rescued one, you have to know how to train it. First, you need to know more information about this breed, their body information, grooming, their healthy issues and tempers. Start to teach them that you are the owner, they have to respect you, after that you start with the basic orders, repeat it many times, you have to be patient, also prepare some treats, in each time your dog is doing something good you have to give it some. If you have another pet like a cat in home, you have to start socializing the puppy with it to create a strong bond.