Cow cattle in Hong Kong try to save a bull hit by a car!


This whole cattle sad situation started when a bull hit by a car on a main road in Ma On Shan. The black bull was crossing Sai Sha Road near Sai Sha Cafe with about seven others when a four-wheel drive vehicle knocked it down. The accident left the black bull with a broken front right leg bleeding to death. The 33-year-old female driver pulled over and called the police to ask for some assistance.

What was really amazing and heart-wrenching, the cow cattle’s reaction. The people who witnessed that sad situation, saw the cattle surrounding the injured one, rubbing it with their faces. The cow cattle refused to leave their friend abandoned and left behind. Traffic was backed up on Sai Sha Road in Ma On Shan as the cattle blocked the road which made some drivers tooted their horns to scare them in attempt to make them get out of the way but the cow cattle refused to move.

The cow cattle tried to rescue the injured one, they tried to save his life in a scene presented the true meaning of loyalty. They tried everything in their power to awake the injured bull, nuzzling him regardless the anger of travelers’.

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When the officers arrived at the scene, they were unable to save the poor injured bull. A witness told journalists that he was touched by the scene as the cattle tried to push the injured one with their heads saying ” They wanted to help but it was no use. It’s tragic, They stayed at its side, encouraging it to move” The witness continued that some drivers left their cars and wanted to help but they were too scared to approach the cattle.

Sadly, the injured animal died and Police later dispersed the cattle and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department officers removed the dead bull.