Crow picks up trash and throws it in the garbage can.


Crows have always had a bad reputation with humans. They were believed to symbolize death, because of their jet black color and how scary they look. They were also believed to bring bad luck. But actually, crows have baffling intelligence. They are incredibly smart that they could almost recognize any human face, count and even use some tools.
However, what this crow did just exceeded all expectations. It just showed us why some people tend to prefer the company of animals more than humans. A photographer was lucky enough to capture those amazing shots.
At first, we can see a normal crow pecking at some rice left in a plastic plate in park. Of course, a plate with leftover rice shouldn’t be left on the ground in a public park! This behavior may seem irresponsible and uncivilized for the human who left the plate, however, this is absolutely normal behavior for a crow. Nothing weird or unusual here!

After the crow finishes his meal of leftover rice, he picks up the plate. Now things are starting to get strange. Why would a crow pick up an empty plastic plate?! Crows are known to be attracted to shiny objects that has a luster, but not to plastic plates!


Well, the answer is: to throw it in the garbage where it belongs! Isn’t that incredible? That crow must have watched several humans do the same and he started to mimic their behavior! Which is totally mind-blowing! Way to go, crow!

This crow has set a great example for people about cleanliness, and the importance of showing respect and courtesy for public places; such as, parks. This crow is more civilized than lots of people. Isn’t it a shame for mankind?!
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