Cruel Owners Move To A New Apartment And Leave Their Neglected Dog Behind

A landlord in New Hampshire went to investigate an abandoned apartment, after her tenants left without notice.  She was shocked and almost speechless when she discovered what they have left behind!

The landlord discovered a little Shih Tzu, that barely looked like a dog! The poor dog had been severely neglected.  His fur was extremely matted, he could hardly walk or even move!

Later, it was discovered that the poor dog is thought to be about 3 years old, who was also blind and deaf! It is suspected that the blindness was caused because of his vicious eye scratching habit, due to his extremely matted fur.

He was found bumping into things and attempting to eat anything, whatever he found, while lying around the floor.

The Londonderry Police Department showed at the scene and took the very first steps in getting the dog some help which he was desperately in need of!


“I don’t believe that the dog was abandoned for more than a few weeks,” Chris Olson of the Londonderry Police Department told The Dodo.” By all accounts, the dog is very gentle and affectionate with humans. There are no signs of physical abuse to the dog. It appears all of the ailments came from extensive neglect.”

The dog was right away rushed to a local veterinary hospital, checked and treated for dislocated knee caps and an infected skin and anemia!

Once his matted fur was shaved off, he looked like a completely different dog, yet defeated and heartbroken.

Jada Demas and Jennifer Moscardini, the tenants of the apartment, were later found and arrested for severe neglect and abuse.


“Neighbors who heard the two women speak of the dog knew him to be named ‘Puppy,'” Olson said.

The dog is now being fostered while he heals from his injuries and hopefully can begin his long journey of recovery. It is not clearly known if the dog would be put up for adoption or not!

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