this cute kitten has horrible and mysterious moments facing the scary tennis ball


Nothing is cuter than that small and adorable little cute kitten, it’s amazing to see how they try and explore life, and this is what the cute kitten did in this video, she is trying to figure out what is this yellow rounded big thing that stands in front of her, well? Is this a tennis ball?

This cute kitten is facing a horrible, mysterious, and horror moments, what is this yellow thing in the living room, you can see how scared she is. Each time she came closer to get she jumped and ran away, she is running and jumping in circles, it’s totally hilarious, but the cute kitten finally decides that the safer thing to do is to leave this horrible scary thing alone. Well kitty I hope you grow up someday and figure out that it’s just a little tennis ball, I think you will be best friends when you grow up.

 this cute kitten has horrible and mysterious moments facing the scary tennis ball

If you own a cute kitten, you have to take good care of them; you have to know that you are one of the luckiest people, because owning a kitten is the most spectacular thing in life. It starts with providing them with a wide safe place, you have to keep them warm, and the cute kittens could catch a cold very easily which is very dangerous in their very first weeks. Before you hold one of them and after, you have to wash your hands very well with soap and water, and just soup and water, no extra products. And because little cute kittens may have several health problems in their first few weeks, you have to plan a vet visit to check up on them. Little kittens must stay next to their mother for several weeks, the first 45 days in their life, so don’t separate them from their mother earlier than that.