A cute kitten wants to snuggle while listening to her owner playing on the piano!

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This cute kitty just wants to snuggle, whatever is going around her, she doesn’t care; snuggling time is the most important thing for her. While her owner tries to play on the keyboard, she jumped on the lap of her owner and it seems like she enjoys the playing. Cats in general seem to like music. Why? For that matter, why do humans like music? No one knows the complete answer; it’s somewhat of a mystery. Are there similarities in how cats and humans listen to and appreciate music? We can reasonably speculate that there are, but who really, fully understands the nuanced aesthetic sensibilities of the feline mind? They have such an uneven temperament.

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And they will jump on the piano, maybe get inside the piano, and surely get their fur all over the piano, inside and out. Imagine having ears that had the range and sensitivity of those of a cat. Imagine having whiskers that could detect the slightest air movement. Imagine being able to sense subtle vibrations, or perhaps changes in the electromagnetic field. How could you not be affected by various sounds, harmonies, and rhythms? Cats, with their finely-tuned receptors, may be primed to be music fans. But knowing cats, they might be picky about which music they like. Most non-musicians have a sense when a piece of music is “off,” even if they can’t identify the problem. It could be that cats, with their adept hearing, have similar perceptions. Just to be on the safe side, make sure your guitar is in tune and voice is on pitch before serenading kitty with your rendition of “Nashville Cats.” There’s something about certain songs, or fragments of songs . . .

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They don’t leave. They get stuck in our brains and play over and over. In some cases, it’s because we’re enthralled with the song; in others, it’s because a composer wrote an advertising jingle that had too much staying power. Cats have good memories and occasionally get fixated on certain toys or household items.